Through the Centre for African Conservation Ecology we aim to collaborate with local land owners in investigating issues critical to their well-being and livelihood. South Africa is in the position that the majority of land ownership is private and thus large scale projects are difficult to conduct. However, the cornerstone of our research is the large scale applicability of the research that we are conducting, and thus being able to draw on data from multiple sites is a challenge. In response to this challenge we try obtain the assistance of “citizen scientists” to assist in data collection that will enable the investigation into large scale projects. The projects that are taking advantage of this collaboration between local land owners are listed below, with links to each project page respectively.  

1)      The population dynamics of black backed jackals in the Karoo, South Africa

2)      Activity patterns of caracal and black backed jackals in the Eastern Cape, South Africa

3)      The role of human hunters and lions in dictating kudu trophy quality