The book Historical mammal incidence in the Cape Province: Volume 2 - The eastern half of the Cape Province, including the Ciskei, Transkei and East Griqualand was first published in 1987, by the erstwhile Chief Directorate: Nature and Environmental Conservation of the Provincial Administration of the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town. The author is the late C J (Jack) Skead, a legendary naturalist, scientist and historian in the Eastern Cape.

A Second Edition, titled Historical incidence of the larger land mammals in the broader Eastern Cape and including a revised, re-edited and expanded text, additional tables and maps, completely revised species distribution maps, and a number of illustrations, was published in September 2007 by the Centre for African Conservation Ecology (ACE).

Project in Progress:

ACE is now embarking on the revision and republication of a Second Edition of Volume 1 which deals with the Western and Northern Cape regions. The revised edition will be titled Historical incidence of the larger land mammals in the broader Western and Northern Cape.

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