Peer Review Articles

Scientific publications is a direct measurement of the scope and intellectual property that ACE contribute to conservation ecology in Africa and globally.

Strategic Framework

ACE will continue to be guided into the future by a Strategic Framework. In the period covered by the previous Strategic Framework.

The development of the framework presented in this document has been influenced by (i) a SWOT analysis, and (ii) the expansion of ACE. The document is divided into two parts: (a) a Strategic Framework (with a vision, mission, conceptual framework, etc.) and (b) a list of programmes that will ensure that ACE remains loyal to its Vision, and makes progress towards achieving its Mission, over the next five years.

 Annual Reports

In addition to staff and postgraduate students ACE is guided by an Advisory Board comprising representatives of State and Academic institutions, Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and private conservation and environmental research and management interests.

Technical Reports


ACE's involvement in science over the past two decades.