3-7 November 2014 (arrival on 2 November, departure on 8 November)


The fourth metabarcoding spring school is dedicated to DNA-based diet analysis.


The DNA metabarcoding spring school is now in its fourth edition. DNA metabarcoding is a rapidly evolving technique for assessing biodiversity from environmental DNA. Its range of applications is wide and covers, as examples, biodiversity monitoring, animal diet assessment and paleo-ecology. DNA metabarcoding relies on up-to-date molecular techniques such as PCR and next generation sequencing, and requires bioinformatic and biostatistic competencies to be able to analyse the results. This is intrinsically a technique at the interface of several disciplines that requires a broad range of skills in addition to the classical ecology knowledge related to the specific research topic. Each participant will have to present a 12 minute talk on their work and the relevance of DNA metabarcoding to their work to other participants in order to stimulate discussions with other participants and with the presenters.

4th Metabarcoding School_Samara_Announcement
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