The Zoological Society of Southern Africa (ZSSA) recently conferred a unique set of awards on ACE, this through the awarding of the ZSSA Gold Medal to Prof Graham Kerley, and the ZSSA Stevenson Hamilton Award to Dr André Boshoff, on the occasion of the 37th Congress of ZSSA in Grahamstown.  The ZSSA is the learned society representing the field of zoology in southern Africa. This is the first time that these two awards have been simultaneously awarded to individuals from the same institution. It is also the first time that either of these awards have been given to zoologists at the NMMU (or the old UPE or PE Technikon).

The criteria for the ZSSA Gold Medal award comprise “outstanding achievements in Zoology in southern Africa” (See: http://zssa.co.za/?page_id=95#sthash.r5D8wMH9.dpuf), and this award reflects Graham’s contribution to research, teaching and engagement in the field of zoology. One such aspect for which he is recognised is his role as the founding Director of ACE.

The ZSSA Stevenson Hamilton Award is awarded to Dr André Boshoff for his outstanding role in raising awareness about the field of zoology. In addition to his work on raptors, waterbirds and vultures, André is recognised for his lead role in making historical information about the mammals of South Africa available (see:  http://ace.nmmu.ac.za/Historical-Incidence-of-the-Larger-Mammals) .

These awards clearly demonstrate that members of ACE are not only making a real contribution, but that this is being recognised (see also: http://herald.newspaperdirect.com/epaper/showlink.aspx?bookmarkid=0VQC182OBKS2&linkid=aec58e44-2acf-4325-ae9b-5d723ed0f819&pdaffid=KHOqIFYzI3hPuzHsdEaXLQ%3d%3d ). This is also excellent recognition for the NMMU. Congratulations to Graham and André.