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The Centre for African Conservation Ecology (ACE) is a dynamic and exciting postgraduate research and training centre within the Faculty of Science at the Nelson Mandela University. The ACE membership comprises staff and students of the Botany, GeoSciences, Statistics and Zoology Departments and the School of Natural Sciences. ACE also has a number of Research Associates who are based at institutions all over the world.

You can use this website to track ACE news, learn about ACE’s history and goals, download annual reports and find out about ACE research activities, including our work on the historical incidence of mammals in southern Africa, and the Scientific Assessment of Livestock Predation in South Africa.  There are also links to lists of peer-reviewed publications and reports. Prospective postgraduate students and postdocs can identify project opportunities or contact ACE to explore opportunities.

ACE is strongly committed to supporting sound decision making in the environmental field, and explicitly provides management advice from our science. For more focused advice, ACE provides consultancy services.

ACE runs the Grysbok Environmental Education Trail as part of our community outreach programme.

We are grateful to the many supporters who have made ACE’s activities possible.

Contact information
Prof Graham Kerley
Professor, Zoology & Director: Centre for African Conservation Ecology
Tel: 27 41 504 2308